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Revisiting 5 Evangelical Trends in This Decade: 2011-2020

At the beginning of this decade, I predicted several trends in evangelicalism. How are they playing out right now?

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John R. Sampey and a Legacy of Christ-Centered Bible Study

In 1914, some were complaining that Sunday School lessons lacked a “redemptive” focus. Here’s what John Sampey proposed.

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4 Ways a Christian Leader Should Know “What Time It Is”

Christian leadership is never timeless. Instead, it is a timely application of God-given wisdom regarding specific decisions that must be made in particular moments in time.

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What Happens When You Judge the Church “Now” By the Kingdom’s “Not Yet”

We shouldn’t be surprised that the local churches we belong to are communities where we see vibrant manifestations of God’s power and perplexing messiness at the same time.

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Discipleship in the “Age of Authenticity”

How should the church witness to the gospel in an age of self-expression and resisting conformity to anything outside yourself?

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Recovering the Role of “Imitation” in Discipleship Today

A holistic view of discipleship means that spiritual direction is not merely delivered; it is displayed.

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Is It Arrogant To Tell Other Christians To Imitate Your Example?

The command to “follow me as I follow Christ” is not a statement of arrogance, but the natural outworking of the Spirit of God in the life of a church.

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12 Books that Showcase the Grand Narrative of Scripture

One of the best ways to get a feel for the Bible’s narrative is to read through the Bible chronologically. Another way is to read at least one or two Bible overview books a year. Here are 12 books I recommend.

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4 Marks of Biblical Discipleship

As we make disciples, we shouldn’t forget four key aspects of this task and why they matter.

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3 Wrong Assumptions Church Leaders Make

What we’ve assumed to be true about the people in our congregations isn’t in line with reality. Much of our angst could be resolved by correcting our assumptions.

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