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Here’s Where Your Neighbors Are Theologically

This research provides a fascinating snapshot of how churched and unchurched people understand theology.

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The Mirage of “Golden Age” Christianity

Church history is a treasure box, not a map. We don’t honor our forbearers by seeking to return to their times; we honor them by receiving their wisdom and learning from their victories and failures.

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3 Definitions of “Secular” and Why They Matter for Our Mission

Our missional engagement will suffer if we see ourselves in a battle between “religion” and “secularity.”

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The Mars Hill Postmortem

4 things I hope we can learn from the events at Mars Hill.

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Pastors, Don’t Commit “Greek Apostasy!”

A free online resource designed to help busy pastors maintain their Greek language skills post-seminary.

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Why I Publish the “Know Your Southern Baptists” Series

In a day when we are less and less likely to feel any sense of loyalty to the churches we’ve been shaped by, I believe it’s helpful to express gratitude for the good God is doing through our denominations and networks.

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4 Ways G. K. Chesterton Engaged His Culture and Why He Still Matters Today

Chesterton was a big man (in more ways than one) who made a big splash. How did he engage his culture and why does he still matter?

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Saeed Abedini’s Letter to His Daughter on Her 8th Birthday

This letter is a beautiful testament to God’s grace in the midst of suffering.

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Fatherlessness and the Father who Never Fails

Too often we think of parenting in generic terms, and thereby minimize the distinctive contribution of a father to a family. Sometimes, you don’t know how important something is until it’s missing.

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Gungor, Questions, and the Doubters Among Us

Why we can’t simply celebrate or condemn the skeptic’s questions.

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