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Running from a Bad Church Situation May Hinder Your Spiritual Growth

What if the choice to leave a difficult church situation will actually short-circuit your formation as a Christian? Does God use uncomfortable church situations as part of His process of sanctifying us?

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The Battle Over How to Interpret Pew’s “Religious Landscape” Survey

Divergent perspectives on the Pew survey are connected to larger narratives that frame how conservative and liberal Christians in the United States see themselves.

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3 Takeaways From My Recent Trip to Biola

Renewed and refreshed, and ever hopeful for the bright future of evangelicalism.

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When You Want to Be a Christian But Don’t Believe in God

Is it possible to reclaim your religious affiliation if you no longer believe in the doctrines of the faith?

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Discipleship as Equipping Believers to Read the Signs of the Times

What kind of discipleship is necessary to fortify the faith of believers so that we see through the world’s false and damaging views of history and the future?

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How Jesus’ Ministry Continues Today… Through Us

Working on “Jesus, Continued” has deepened my gratitude for the Spirit’s work in my life. I hope it does the same for you.

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How Disagreement Makes Us Civil

Incivility is when we give up on disagreement and become disagreeable. It is the failure of disagreement, not its natural outworking.

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Here’s Hoping the Supreme Court Will Handle Same-Sex Marriage Like Other Nations Have

Conservatives who want the court to exercise judicial restraint in redefining marriage may find themselves hoping, just this once, that the justices will take a cue from other nations.

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The Fire of Jesus and Patience of Paul

The rigid Paul distorted the kind and loving Jesus? Just read the New Testament and you’ll often find the red letters to be more fiery than the letters of Paul.

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Why You Should (Literally) Look at the World Upside Down

Seeing the world upside down means seeing its utter dependence on God, and with that sense of dependence comes a greater love for this world because of the adventure of its own existence.