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3 Reasons We Get Scared of the Holy Spirit

We’re scared to go too deep in our experience of the Spirit’s presence and power because we’ve seen other people go to extremes. There are several reasons for caution.

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The Mark of Christianity That is Disappearing from Our Worship

We are not in a posture to receive God’s Word until we have first renounced our sin.

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Love: Our Shelter in the Cultural Storm

How do we fortify believers for this cultural moment? The simplest, most profound answer is: through love.

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Trigger Warning! The Bible May Disturb Your Emotional Health

Can you imagine how many trigger warnings the Bible would get? If there has ever been a book that is designed to make you uncomfortable and challenge your way of thinking, it’s the Bible.

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The Gospel, Marriage, and Sexual Schismatics

Union University’s decision to withdraw from the CCCU is not what is creating division, but the moral heterodoxy of the schools that have abandoned the Church’s witness to marriage.

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I Want a Bigger Bible

The more I get to know people from other backgrounds and cultures and ethnicities, the bigger my Bible gets.

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Sex is More AND Less Important Than You Think

“Sex is everything,” goes the idea in the 21st century. “And sex is nothing.” This paradoxical view of sexuality in our society requires a paradoxical response from the Church.

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4 Questions Christians Should Ask About Cultural Engagement

4 questions intended to connect our actions with what we know to be true about the world from the biblical story.

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Will Christian Denominations in America Fade Away?

The imminent demise of denominations is premature, and a denominational affiliation is not the “hindrance” many believers consider it to be.

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The Commencement Speech as Cultural Barometer

Commencement addresses are a good indicator of what our friends and neighbors “take for granted” as sound advice and worldly wisdom.

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