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Fatherlessness and the Father who Never Fails

Too often we think of parenting in generic terms, and thereby minimize the distinctive contribution of a father to a family. Sometimes, you don’t know how important something is until it’s missing.

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Gungor, Questions, and the Doubters Among Us

Why we can’t simply celebrate or condemn the skeptic’s questions.

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Tim Keller on the Disappearing Umbrella Over Conservative Christians

Now that the middle identifies more with secularism than with nominal Christianity, devout Christians are taking public flak for their views.

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Reflections on the Gospel Project Panel on Calvinism and Mission

Audio from Ed Stetzer, Trevin Wax, Frank Page, and David Platt’s conversation about Calvinism, with some personal reflections.

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Educating Our Kids: Exploring The Options

Nothing revs up a parent more than having a family’s educational choice questioned or challenged. But it’s important to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each approach to schooling.

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Is It Arrogant To Tell Other Christians To Imitate Your Example?

The command to “follow me as I follow Christ” is not a statement of arrogance, but the natural outworking of the Spirit of God in the life of a church.

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Laying A Gospel Foundation, But Not Building Anything

If there’s one passage that should give the gospel-centered movement pause, it’s Hebrews 6:1-3.

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12 Books that Showcase the Grand Narrative of Scripture

One of the best ways to get a feel for the Bible’s narrative is to read through the Bible chronologically. Another way is to read at least one or two Bible overview books a year. Here are 12 books I recommend.

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7 Podcasts Worth Checking Out

These are the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis. What should I add?


“Was Bonhoeffer Gay?” and Other Adventures in Missing the Point

The best way to honor Bonhoeffer is to not to speculate about his sexuality, but to see how his example counters the errant assumptions of a sexualized culture.