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Worth a Look 2.7.13

Posted By Trevin Wax On February 7, 2013 @ 2:05 am In Worth a Look | 3 Comments

Kindle Deal of the Day: Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense [1] by N. T. Wright. $3.99.

Wright makes the case for Christian faith from the ground up, assuming that the reader has no knowledge of (and perhaps even some aversion to) religion in general and Christianity in particular.

Jonathan Howe - Superbowl Ads and What They Say about Us: [2]

We have created two Americas: a noble, inspired America and a sophomoric, risque America. Sunday night’s latest installment of commercials seemed to have brought us to a new crossroads for both audiences and advertisers: will we point to the noble or race to the bottom?

Ministry Briefing [3] - compiled by Todd Rhoades and Matt Steen:

Ministry leaders are inundated by content: some good, some junk. While we know that there is valuable content out there, we just don’t have the time to sift through it all. That’s why, each month, Todd Rhoades and Matt Steen sort through thousands of news items, blog posts, studies, and trends to create executive summaries of those that we believe are most valuable for church leaders. Use the code trevin for $3 off the February edition.

Diana Davis -  8 Ways to Celebrate Baptisms at Your Church: [4]

When a new believer is baptized, it’s a momentous event. A life’s been changed for eternity! Try these fresh ideas to make baptism a true celebration…

Why Are Christians Such Bad Tippers? [5]

If you are a Christian and want to serve Christendom well, you can start by not going out to eat—unless you’re willing to love your neighbor the restaurant server as yourself.

Chuck Lawless – 10 Reflections on a Decade of Church Consulting: [6]

I love the local church. It’s God’s church, despite its flaws. For ten years, I’ve had the privilege of consulting with churches seeking to grow. Here are my reflections of those years – one reflection for each year.

If you’re a pastor in a struggling church, be sure to read to the end.  I think you’ll find hope there.

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