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Worth a Look 1.10.13

Posted By Trevin Wax On January 10, 2013 @ 2:22 am In Worth a Look | 1 Comment

Kindle Deal of the Day: Christless Christianity: The Alternative Gospel of the American Church [1] by Michael Horton. $2.99.

Is it possible that we have left Christ out of Christianity? Is the faith and practice of American Christians today more American than Christian? These are the provocative questions Michael Horton addresses in this thoughtful, insightful book.

NYT Publishes ‘News Story’ on Pregnancy Centers: [2]

As a journalist, I believe in the value of skepticism: It’s a healthy attribute in reporting and writing newspaper stories. My question related to this particular Times report: At what point does skepticism detour into editorializing?

How Much of the Web is Archived? [3]

Certainly, few sites are being archived with any kind of regularity, even those (like TheAtlantic.com) that are changing constantly. So, how much of the web is humanity missing?

Rick Warren’s statement [4]on Hobby Lobby being fined for their refusal to provide abortifacient drugs in their insurance plan:

Today, the government has tried to reinterpret the First Amendment from freedom to PRACTICE your religion, to a more narrow freedom to worship, which would limit your freedom to the hour a week you are at a house of worship. This is not only a subversion of the Constitution, it is nonsense. Any religion that cannot be lived out at home and work, is nothing but a meaningless ritual.

How Do Guests See Your Church Building? The 5-Spot Test: [5]

Here’s a simple way to evaluate how guests see your church building. Take the “5-Spot Test.” Stop at five specific places around your church site for five minutes and answer five questions.

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