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80 thoughts on “How Well Do You Know the Words of Jesus?”

  1. Scott says:

    Beginners Test – 9
    Intermediate – 7
    Advanced – 4

    I need to study some more!

  2. Tim Challies says:


    I got a couple of lucky guesses on the last one! :)

  3. Scott says:




    This is a good challenge. Thanks for sharing.

  4. The Ancient Mariner says:


    Good challenge–I didn’t get the last one done in any sort of hurry, that’s for sure . . .

  5. krislinatin says:

    Oh, i did so bad!
    must. study. more.

  6. 10

    8 (lucky on one of them)


  7. Stephen says:




    I tell ya, you never think of the stuff they had for the “advanced” quiz. Good stuff to know!

  8. raindream says:

    Inter: 8/10
    Adv: 3/10

  9. Blake says:

    well I got 10-10-10 only because I refused to go on after I got one wrong and restarted the test, so if I didn’t know one I would have to learn it, but my real score was more like 10-8-2
    I feel embarrased, but I know most people on the street or even in churches would have like a 4-3-1 or worse. I see Tim Challies has one of the highest scores so far, I wonder what he missed on the first test?
    I think Jesus would tell us here that those who know his words are far more accountable to DOING them!

  10. Dan Sudfeld says:

    4 – those were indeed tough

    Thanks for putting it together.

  11. Craig says:


    What? Don’t we get a lifeline or something?

  12. Steven says:


    How did I do that?!

  13. Rose says:

    Those questions about the order of things and which book things are in really messed me up on the last one.

  14. truckerswife says:

    I got 6 out of ten in the beginners

  15. 10

    I’ve got some work to do!

  16. Jamie says:


    I could blame it on the distractions…and bad guessing on the advanced. The order things really messed me up.

  17. erin says:

    10/7/3. Ugh, that advanced one was very difficult! Is there not a way to see what the correct answers are without retaking it until you guess right?

  18. zephaniah317 says:

    Beginner – 10
    Intermediate – 7
    Advanced – 4

    What the heck was that Intermediate question where I’m assuming the correct answer was “God is love”, but the wrong answer was something like “make for yourself treasure by unrighteous means, so that you will be rewarded” or something like that?

  19. Revyrev says:


  20. Paul says:

    10 / 9 / 3

    That Advanced one is quite hard, but kudos the those who have spent enough time studying the gospels to do well on it!

  21. dinsan says:

    9/10 in begs level :)

  22. Dave K says:


  23. Mike says:

    10/10/4. Nice tests!

  24. only did the last 2…

    intermediate, 8/10, 140 seconds (kicking self on one of those…)

    advanced, 8/10, 129 seconds

    Okay, the first time through the advanced was only 5/10, annoyed because I was sure I knew better on a couple of them! ;^)

  25. Glenn says:

    Quiz 1 – 10 out of 10 in 334 seconds
    Quiz 2 – 7 out of 10 in 183 seconds
    Quiz 3 – 5 out of 10 in 310 seconds

    Woo Hoo!

  26. Warren Dodson says:


  27. Robert says:

    I got all of them correct in beginners test.
    I missed three in intermediate test,not bad.
    I missed a lot in advacne test, ouch.

  28. RobS says:

    6 (ouch!)

  29. Sparrow Renee says:

    10, 8, 3

  30. Owen Van Cleave says:

    Excellent questions

  31. francisco says:


  32. npbradshaw says:

    10 in 86 sec
    2 in 118.3 sec
    5 in 118.sec

    How I got more right in the Advanced than in the Intermediate I’ll never know.

  33. 10,9,5. I wanted so badly to do better on the advanced, but some of those questions (order of parables, etc.) were just way too tough!

    I think (as I try to console myself!) that I would much rather know what Jesus said, than know specific orders of parables, though.

  34. Dan Haas says:

    10/10/4 Good test. Thanks for sharing it!

    “Why do you call me Lord, but do not the things that I say?” (Gotta know ‘em to do ‘em!)

    May the Lord bless and keep you all!

  35. Kenny Wells says:


    The advanced was quite challenging! Great test!

  36. Nathan Logan says:

    My slice of humble pie: 10/4/2

    And while it’s easy to dismiss questions like “which gospel contains x?” or “were parables told in x/y/z order or z/x/y order?” as trivial, the fact of the matter is that if I were more familiar with His Word, those answers would follow naturally from memory.

    Thanks for the reminder about where His Word needs to be in my life (as opposed to where it is right now).

  37. zoanna says:

    Adv. Test 3/10. Humbling indeed!

  38. J.K. says:

    B: 10
    I: 9
    A: 5, followed by 6, 8, 9 on retries ;-)

  39. Beginner: 10/10 (70.2s)
    Intermediate: 9/10 (106.2s)
    Advanced: 5/10 (181.9s)

  40. Lisa Noble says:

    Beginning: 10
    Intermediate: 7
    Advanced: 4

  41. Cliff says:

    Indeed a good challenge!

  42. Douglas Baker says:

    Beginner – 10
    Intermediate – 9
    Advanced – 5 (OUCH!!)

    Thanks for taking the time to draft this test. It was very good – and humbling.


  43. Bryan says:

    Beginner – 10/10
    Intermediate – 8/10
    Advanced – 7/10

  44. Doug Smith says:


    Good reminder to be diligent. Thanks!

  45. 9-10 in 80 secs
    9-10 in 98 secs
    7-10 in 127 secs

    I hate it when I read and click to fast…… Fun test, going to link it at my little blog.

  46. atelian says:


    That last one was a doozy!

  47. Stephen Orr says:


    You weren’t exaggerating; the advanced quiz had me gaping at the screen and painfully aware of how many of the Master’s words I tend to gloss over.

    Thank you for posting this quiz – highly enjoyable (and humbling)!

  48. Beg: 10 in 103 seconds
    Int: 8 in 152 seconds
    Adv: 4 the first time, tried again but still only 5 the second time, in 174 seconds (I might have been hasty in a couple cases – it’s funny how your mind works when you know you’re being timed!)

    Thanks for sharing these quizzes – they got me thinking!

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