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Is the Reformation Over?

If we care about the doctrines that were most precious to the Reformers we must not dare to assert that the “Reformation is over,” as if all the theological hills have been laid low and all the dogmatic valleys made into a plain.

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Magnify Conference, November 14-15

We’d love to see you at University Reformed Church for the Magnify Conference this November 14-15. Mark Dever will be giving three plenary addresses on “The Church Matters.” I will also be speaking.

I’m partial to this conference, and not just because we host it:

1. We partner with several other churches in the Lansing area. It’s a great opportunity to meet other brothers and sisters from mid-Michigan and beyond.

2. The conference is not massive. I enjoy big conferences too, but this one is several hundred instead of several thousand. It’s a nice dynamic.

3. Singing together. Always a blessing.

4. The pastors/leaders breakfast on Saturday morning.

5. The conference is long enough to be meaningful but short enough to be manageable for parents, students, and lay people.

6. The cost–only $15 for an individual/$25 for a family!

Mark Dever will also be preaching for us on Sunday morning. I will be continuing my systematic theology series during the evening service.

Here’s Mark talking a little about the conference. Join us!

Mark Dever on the Local Church | Magnify Conference from The Gospel Coalition on Vimeo.

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The Unexpected Sacrifices of the Mission Field

While the joys abound, the challenges are manifold. Yet it has often been the unexpected challenges of the mission field that surprise me the most.

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A New Book and Some Guest Bloggers

Chances are you’ll be seeing a few more guest bloggers than usual over the next two months. The reason: I’m working on a new book and need to cut back in a couple areas if I’m going to finish the manuscript by the end of the year (crazy busy and all that jazz). The new book is entitled What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality? It should be available by spring.

More about the book later. But today I want to introduce two guest bloggers.

The first needs little introduction. Jason Helopoulos is part of the pastoral team at University Reformed Church, an author in his own right, and a frequent blogger on this site. Look for Jason’s posts this week and next week.

The other guest blogger is Jason Carter, a friend of mine from seminary and a missionary in Equatorial Guinea. In addition to having experience on the mission field, Jason recently received his Ph.D. in World Christianity from the University of Edinburgh. He has two excellent posts in the queue: one on suffering as a missionary and the other on supporting your missionaries. The first post will be up tomorrow. Don’t miss it.

I may post something on Friday for Reformation Day, but check the byline for the next two weeks. It probably won’t be me.

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Monday Morning Humor

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Is It Wrong For Christians to Defend their Rights?

While we certainly must turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, and love our enemies when faced with personal offenses, we must not assume that defending ourselves before the governing authorities is inconsistent with being a follower of Jesus or antithetical to the propagation of the gospel.

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Some Uncomfortable Questions

“Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy” (Matthew 5:7).

Would you like others to remember your failings as long as you remember theirs?

Do you like it when people assume the worst about you? Put the worst possible construct on your motives? Never give you the benefit of the doubt? Size you up and figure you out 140 characters at a time?

Do you like it when others are quick to speak, quick to anger, and slow to forgive? How does it feel when others speak about you instead of to you?

What if the measure you used with others was the measure used with you? What if everyone else took things personally? What if tearing you down became someone else’s personal mission in life? Have you ever tried to see things their way?

Have you ever been mistaken for a son of encouragement like Barnabas or a great refresher like Onesiphorus?

Are people more surprised when you are outraged and offended or when you are tender and compassionate?

How would I answer these questions? How am I doing? Every “you” in the questions above is also for me.

Have mercy on stupid and sinful people. You and I will be one of them soon enough.

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A Few Reflections on My Trip to Brazil

While it’s certainly appropriate that those of us in America would tweet and blog and author books about issues affecting our immediate context, let us labor to think broadly and biblically about what we write.

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Monday Morning Humor

Bad idea, Canadian version.

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Is Glorification Conditional?

It is not uncommon for me to find theological questions in my inbox from brothers and sisters outside my own church. Unfortunately, I’m rarely able to respond directly to such queries. But some questioners are persistent enough, and some questions seem broadly relevant enough that I figure a brief blog post is in order.

Like this question: is glorification conditional?

The question was prompted by something John Piper said on a panel to the effect that glorification was conditional. The other panelists, of whom I was one, didn’t seem bothered by Piper’s statement. So this brother who emailed me is wondering why not. How can we say that the believer’s future and final glorification is in any sense conditional?

As often happens in theological discussion, we have to start by saying that in one sense glorification is not conditional, if by condition we mean we must earn our place in heaven or that the final salvation of those regenerated and justified hangs in the balance. The golden chain of Romans 8:30 cannot be broken: those whom God predestined will be called and those called will be justified and those justified will be glorified.

But the word “conditional” does not have to carry the sense of merit or uncertainty. A condition is simply a requirement that must be met or a state of affairs that must come to pass if a certain event or outcome is to be realized. To say something is “conditional” is to say nothing about how the condition is met or …

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