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How the News Makes Us Dumb

The news will make us dumb unless we are smart enough to merely nibble on it as snack and look for our daily sustenance somewhere else.

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Monday Morning Humor

An oldie, but still a goodie. The context: the men of the family are trying to impress their wives with sentimental gifts, and the wives are trying to prove they can’t be wooed so easily. Mom and Dad Huxtable are up last. Enjoy.

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Thanks Paulie, You’re One of the Good Guys

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What Our Pastoral Interns Read

We want our interns to be squared away on the basic theological categories.

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History Helps Put Things in Perspective

I’m a proponent of families worshiping together. I’m not a proponent, however, of taking a good principle and making it an absolute rule.

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A Ministry, Not a Lordship

Bernard of Clairvaux to Pope Eugenius: Therefore, highly as we think of ourselves, let us remember that a ministry has been laid upon us, not a lordship given.

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The Sanctifying Spirit

The Bible is not a cheap infomercial telling us to change and then assuring our little ponytail hearts, “You can do it!”

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Monday Morning Humor

Not exactly on the same page, I’d say. (HT: 22 Words)

Which, of course, reminds me of this (the action picks up at 0:40):

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What Jesus Didn’t Say

What if Jesus had preached a different sermon on the mountain?

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Magnify Conference

Join us at University Reformed Church for our Magnify Conference with Mark Dever, November 14-15.

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