Yes, there are already lots of study Bibles, but I am still very excited about this new one. If the ESV Study Bible contains the class lectures, the Gospel Transformation Bible contains the sermon notes. I pray God uses it to awaken and strengthen our commitment to the transforming power of the gospel.

(FYI: I wrote the notes for Ephesians.)

Gospel Transformation Bible – Short Promo from Crossway on Vimeo.

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7 thoughts on “Gospel Transformation Bible”

  1. Daniel says:

    Wow. Exciting. But, if this Study Bible is like sermon notes, why is there a woman contributing to it?

  2. Richard Hutto says:

    Daniel, if your being serious, I would love to see how your understanding of scripture’s Complementarian passages prohibits women from writing study notes for the bible? And I’m not trying to bait you, I would just like to know your reasoning.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    Richard, i think Daniel is asking either a serious question or a baiting question.
    The reasoning might be that as follows-
    ‘A woman is not permitted to teach or exercise authority over a man, and men reading their study notes are being taught by a woman.’

    Not a air tight defense of position but I can see how some would make the leap.

    I saw a recent book on grace, written by a woman, and endorsed by some of the guys here on GC, one would ask why would you so heartedly endorse a book by a woman but not let here speak from the pulpit?

  4. Richard Hutto says:

    I think the reasoning is that many hold (myself included) to the belief that a woman’s lack of authority to teach a man is limited to the local church context which includes the elder/member relationship that exists only in a local manifestation of the church. My thoughts at least.

  5. Paul Janssen says:

    People would complain about a woman writing for this, before they would complain about people writing sermon notes for others to use so they don’t have to do their own work? That’s quite some theology of preaching there. Smh

  6. Carol R says:


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