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Why Hobby Lobby Matters

Dec 06, 2013 | Justin Taylor


An op-ed in the LA Times from Notre Dame’s Rick Garnett on why we should care about Hobby Lobby and their freedom to practice their religion on more than just Sunday morning.

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The Biggest Hole in Our Gospel Is the Gospel Itself

Dec 05, 2013 | Justin Taylor

Don Carson interacts with Richard Stearns’s “The Hole in Our Gospel.”

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7 Thoughts on Pastors Writing Books

Dec 03, 2013 | Justin Taylor

Some wise counsel from Kevin DeYoung.

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The Two Jacks: Contrasting C.S. Lewis and JFK on Public and Private Faiths

Nov 18, 2013 | Justin Taylor

An article co-authored by Joe Rigney and me on the two men and their worldviews.

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John Frame’s Systematic Theology: 50% Off

Nov 05, 2013 | Justin Taylor


John Frame’s magnum opus has arrived.

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Why (Some) Cessationists and (Some) Continuationists Don’t Disagree about Prophecy as Much as (Some) People Might Think

Oct 25, 2013 | Justin Taylor

Vern Poythress writes, “If charismatics and noncharismatics could agree on these points, I think that the debate on modern spiritual gifts would be largely over.”

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What Did Charles Spurgeon Sound Like? A Recording of His Son

Oct 10, 2013 | Justin Taylor

Screen shot 2013-10-09 at 9.12.07 PM

A 1905 recording of Thomas Spurgeon, son of Charles Spurgeon, reading the last paragraph of his father’s final printed sermon.

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50 Years Ago This Sunday: The Bombing of the 16th St. Baptist Church in Birmingham

Sep 13, 2013 | Justin Taylor


Sunday, September 15, marks the 50th anniversary of what Martin Luther King Jr. called “one of the most vicious and tragic crimes ever perpetrated against humanity.” Here are some resources to understand what happened.

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What the the Girl with the Hijab Witnessed in an Anglican Chapel

Aug 26, 2013 | Justin Taylor

The choir of King's College, Cambridge

Carl Trueman points out that at this liberal chapel she undoubtedly heard more Scripture, across the whole counsel of God, than most conservative Protestant churches around the world.

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An Interview with Ligon Duncan

Aug 20, 2013 | Justin Taylor


A conversation with the newly elected chancellor and CEO of Reformed Theological Seminary.

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C.S. Lewis: If You Can’t Contextualize Your Theology, Your Thoughts Are Confused

Aug 05, 2013 | Justin Taylor

He writes, “I have come to the conviction that if you cannot translate your thoughts into uneducated language, then your thoughts were confused.”

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Packer: Too Many Churches in North America Are Playing the Number Game

Jul 16, 2013 | Justin Taylor


J. I. Packer says that too many of us are letting our unmortified pride be mollycoddled. If you don’t know what that means, read on.

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Covenantal Apologetics

Jul 09, 2013 | Justin Taylor

An interview with the author of a new book on apologetics, along with what others are saying about it.

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What Did It Look and Sound Like in Jonathan Edwards’ New England?

Jun 14, 2013 | Justin Taylor


Doug Sweeney walks us around Northampton and into a church.

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