“[T]here was in Stephen and the saints the fullness of a container, but in Christ, there is the fullness of a spring. Their fullness was given to them by someone else and so is derivative. In Christ, there is the fullness of a fountain, which proceeds from himself and depends on no one else. The medieval scholastic theologians expressed this well when they said that Christ’s and the saints’ fullness differ as fire and things set on fire. The fullness of the ocean is too small to express this. The removal of even a drop or two diminishes it to some degree, but you can light a thousand torches from the fullness of fire and it is not diminished at all.”

– John Preston, The Fullness of Christ

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4 thoughts on “How Our Fullness and Christ’s Fullness Differ”

  1. Wesley says:

    Massive quote bro – love it! Especially the part about Christ’s fullness differing from our as fire differs form things set on fire – makes me think immediately of Col. 1:19. Beautiful! Could soak in that glorious truth for hours. Many thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Jared. This was such a great thing to read this morning.

  3. R Carr says:

    This difference seems to match our everyday experience for sure but doesn’t our experience fall short of His intentions for us. Stephen, Peter and John, Paul at their best don’t seem like just containers but ones who contained a spring inside them. His intentions for us are John 7:38, John 14:23. We have the Spring in us but we so often fall back to our own lesser comfortable bucket that we know. This “just a container difference” is one we should be glad to see the end of.

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