I’m like Pedro’s cousins with all the sweet hookups. Got a sweet deal for those of you who haven’t yet registered for the Gospel Alliance/PLNTD Fall Conference in Portland, Maine Sep. 20-21 with Scotty Smith and Caesar Kalinowski (with myself and others in the backing band).

If you register here using the promotional code jaredwilson you’ll get $10 off your 2-day registration. You will also receive my book Gospel Wakefulness and J.D. Greear’s book Gospel, on top of the other 2 free books available to all registrants, my forthcoming Gospel Deeps and Tim Chester and Steve Timmis’s Gospel-Centered Church.

Not only that, but we have 2 FREE pre-conference registrations, donated by Initiative 22 church plant out of Montreal, Canada, that we will give away at random if you use the code above between now and Saturday.

To sum up, using the promotional code jaredwilson provides:

Guaranteed $10 off registration.
4 free books.
A shot at totally free registration.

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3 thoughts on “Gospel Alliance Fall Conference – Special Discount Registration and FREE Books Code”

  1. Nate Oliver says:

    If only I had waited a week to register….that’s what I get for trying to be better about procrastinating!

    Looking forward to the conference.

  2. Aaron Campbell says:

    Watching the kids while my wife heads to the True Woman conference that weekend. Otherwise I’d be all over this. Any chance there will be childcare? ;)

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