At T4G this week, I have taken a short break from serious blogging to rest, refresh, and be nourished in the Word and relationships with brothers I see too rarely. But the highlight of the trip is just hanging out with my wife Becky. Earlier today she posted on her blog a list of quotable quotes from the conference thus far. I commend it to you.

I’ve made a list of my own of quotable quotes from this week thus far, but my list are all things Becky has said. Amidst all the T4G message quote tweets and distinguished from them, I share this list with you, for your joy and my amusement, sans context.

1. “You’re weird like them, but you’re not awkward.”

2. “What is it? Don’t touch it. Looks like socks or underwear.”

3. “You’re not beyond getting slapped.”

4. “It’s because you’ve got the water running and a toothbrush in your head.”

5. “It’s weird that we’re brushing our teeth to go drink coffee.”

6. “Mark Dever has gentle eyes.”

7. “C.J. Mahaney has freakishly large hands.”

8. “Michael Kelley is so funny. Because he’s so simple.”

9. “Didn’t you say there was a Celtics game tonight? That sounds like an enjoyable activity.”

10. “When she told that story, I felt, like, the demonic.”

11. “Did you just sass me? I know you didn’t sass me.”

I love my wife. She’s the coolest.

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3 thoughts on “T4G: Becky Soundbytes”

  1. Peter says:

    No. 7. It’s true. I thought the same thing when I watched the panel intro videos with the four amigos.

  2. Zach says:

    Still working towards and hoping to hear #9

    My wife’s a tuff cookie when it comes to basketball. Although, she does like Rondo…

  3. Number 11 struck fear into my heart!

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