#1 Zach Nielsen links to and reflects on a New York Times piece about why we don’t see as many people with Down’s Syndrome these days. The reason? Prenatal screening results in the murder of 9 out of 10 Down’s Syndrome babies in the womb.

#2 I don’t believe there is a “gay gene,” but supposing one is discovered — and while I doubt it’s existence, I also wouldn’t be inordinately surprised if “they” find one — I wonder if we may suddenly have some allies in the fight for the right to life of unborn children. Or, being the cynical poopyhead I am, I wonder if we might see hypocrisy on both sides, as previously pro-choice gay rights advocates become horrified at the thought of snuffing out “homosexual” fetuses while at the same time many professing Christians might be among those who would screen for this gene and secretly terminate their pregnancy to spare themselves potential heartache. Just thinking aloud here.

#3 Andree Seu of WORLD Magazine is a writer whose work I have enjoyed immensely in the past. Recently Seu has declared that Glenn Beck is a new creation in Christ and that he articulates the gospel more clearly than anyone she’s ever heard in any church. I’ve taken a lot of heat from fellow Christians and fellow conservatives for harping on the danger and the sin of this syncretism of evangelical faith with American patriotism, and I hate to say I told you so, but this is a prime example of what happens when America or “Judeo-Christian values” become the evangelical’s god. And of course in the places where critics are rightly rejecting Seu’s approval of Beck’s Christian faith, there are plenty of Christians all out of sorts in the comments, wondering how on earth anyone could possibly say a Mormon isn’t a Christian. The early church dealt with all this same junk, which is why we have the creeds. But the creed most American evangelicals care most about is the Constitution. It trumps anything else.

#4 If you put your treasure in anything temporal, you will always be fighting against rust and decay. It’s exhausting. Count me out.

#5 I am now 1-1 in both my fantasy football leagues, which is fine, since the 3 teams I root for (Titans, Patriots, Redskins, in that order) are all 1-1 themselves.

#6 If you haven’t registered for Lead10 yet, do so soon. Bob Thune & Bill Streger bringing the gospel thunder to beautiful Maine in the fall. Myself, Josh Cousineau, Mark Gedicks, et.al. rockin’ the breakouts. In the parlance of the times, it’s gonna be off the hizzy.

#7 I want to hold a Twitter or blog contest to give away a copy of Your Jesus is Too Safe, but I’m out of ideas. Help me out. Whoever has the best idea for a giveaway contest for YJITS — decided by me, of course — will get a free copy of my other book, Abide. To enter, leave a comment with your idea.

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18 thoughts on “Quick Hits #10”

  1. Daniel says:

    Book giveaway idea: Have people submit photos of themselves with a Bible in an "unsafe" area. Doesn't necessarily have to be a war zone or something but somewhere not so safe for the Bible to be. Just my idea.

  2. Pastor RB says:

    Contest suggestion: Ask people to leave a story in the comments about the most ridiculous conception of Jesus they were taught in Sunday school- as a kid or recently. No names of teachers or churches.

  3. jephmaags says:

    how about who can come up with the best chuck norris fact, but instead of using chuck norris, use tom brady (and it has to be original of course).

  4. Benjamin says:

    Book giveaway idea: People submitting photos of their version of the cover. A bunch of their (or their children's) toys surrounding a figure of Jesus.

  5. Brett says:

    Okay, here's the plan: ask people on twitter or your blog to suggest ideas for a giveaway contest for Abide. The best suggestion – chosen by you – wins a copy of YJITS. Simple.

  6. spencer says:

    Contest suggestion: Have contestants take pictures of the places or areas where Jesus is portrayed as "safe" or not like Christ at all

  7. Griffin Gulledge says:

    Have contestants go to a bookstore and stuff your book in the middle of "safe" books like 'Your Best Life Now' or 'Becoming a Better You'. Then maybe someone will pick it up and discover the real Jesus, not the safe genie in a bottle Jesus of those books.

  8. Griffin Gulledge says:

    Or similarly to "you might be a redneck if…" you could do a best "your Jesus might be too safe if…" contest via twitter.

  9. Brian Current says:

    Do a "You Supply the Caption" contest on this blog. those are always fun and engaging. post a personal, funny, strange or random picture and have your readers provide the caption for it. Best caption wins the book. Stetzer got 170 comments when he did this a few weeks ago: http://www.edstetzer.com/2010/08/you-supply-the-caption.html and even i paid attention to not just the post but the comments to that post even though i normally just skim his blog, like i do yours LOL ;-)

  10. Blue Collar Todd says:

    Concerning #2. I think you will find a radical consistency on this with. Mainly, those in favor of abortion rights and not merely pro-choice but pro-abortion. Those that view the unborn baby as a parasite are not likely to be changed by the existence, which I equally doubt, of a "gay gene". They view child birth as less natural and more dangerous than abortion. On Twitter I had an exchange with a post-op transsexual who was adamantly pro-abortion regardless of the situation.

  11. Alisha says:

    Contest: Have people provide a photo of what "Safety Jesus" would look like.

  12. Matthew says:

    Who ever correctly identifies the color of this first:http://www.coffeeforless.com/images/uploads/intro/gatorade%20lemon%20lime.jpgWhen's the cutoff? I want to come up with a good contest because I need to choose another Bible study for me and my wife and a free one is the perfect one :-)

  13. Rob and Mary says:

    I think people have really misunderstood the point of Seu's column. But, I am probably biased not only do I like her work she attends my church.

  14. salguod says:

    Contest: Have folks name or identify the statues on the cover. Best (not necessarily most accurate) list wins.Comment: I don't doubt that there may be a real, genetic link to homosexuality. Not a 'gay gene' per say, but a link between one's genetic makeup and their likelihood to 'be gay'. This is no different than the link shown between one's genetic makeup & the likeliness of becoming an alcoholic.Both drunkenness & homosexual behaviors are sinful, but we wouldn't say that one who has the genetic disposition to drink be excused from his impulses. Is it harder for them to resist? Yup, but all of us have a disposition to something sinful. For most, it's something 'harmless' and 'tolerable' like impatience, anger or pride (which of course are neither harmless or tolerable).Sin is sin, I don't care what the level of temptation you are suffering under or what sin you are tempted by. As long as we treat one as worse than another, we will misdirect attention to the sin of the day and likely miss the opportunity to point the sinner to their ultimate (and only) cure – Jesus.

  15. Zach says:

    Contest Idea: First person to get a picture with Tom Brady holding a copy of "Your Jesus Is Too Safe"

  16. Jared says:

    Good entries, folks. Gonna leave it open another 2 days. Will pick a winner and start the new contest on Monday.

  17. culturalsavage says:

    Twitter Contest Ideas: -Finish this phrase: Jesus and Jared walk into a bar…-Your Jesus is too…-Describe Jesus in 14 char. or less.-Best twitpic of a cultural image of Jesus (bonus points if there is a bobble head involved)-First person to get a proof that they gave Joel Osteen a copy of YJITS… and made him read it. ;)

  18. Jared says:

    Okay, this pre-contest contest is over. Spencer's suggestion takes the cake:Contest suggestion: Have contestants take pictures of the places or areas where Jesus is portrayed as "safe" or not like Christ at allI'll announce that in a separate post.Spencer, you win a copy of "Abide." If you'll email your preferred shipping addy to jared AT gospeldrivenchurch DOT com, I will put it in the mail to you asap.

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