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5 thoughts on “O Come Let us Accordion”

  1. songstress7 says:

    She does have a freakish lack of facial expression for most of that video. Very cool version, though – thanks for linking it! I'd totally use it on my Daily Dose of YouTube Holiday Cheer, but I'm trying not to repeat the same carols (hard enough not to reuse the same versions I picked for the blog last year), and I already linked tobyMac's rendition of "O Come All Ye Faithful".If I remember, I'll use it next year, if there isn't an even cooler one floating around by that time.

  2. Aidje says:

    A few weeks ago when I was suffering from having Single Ladies stuck in my head, a friend showed me that group's cover of the song on YouTube. It was… interesting. It was good in a way, yet… still Single Ladies. The best part is when she re-writes some of the lyrics to be about how bad the lyrics are, and so she's not going to sing them.I don't understand why she freaks you out, but I imagine she might freak you out even more in this video:

  3. co_heir says:

    Very nice.

  4. Joel Burdeaux says:

    Really? She freaks you out?I have a mini-crush on her. Of course, I also have a crush on Flo (Progressive Insurance), and I know she annoys lots of folks…

  5. prin says:

    Interesting. The beardy guy in it freaks me out.

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