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3 thoughts on “I Want You to Like Me”

  1. Aidje says:

    Ha. :-) Good call: I do like that post (and I think it was written shortly before I subscribed to your RSS feed, so I hadn't seen it before).I already liked your blog, though. I don't stay subscribed so that I can "keep an eye on you," but because you write things that make me think. If I always agreed with you 100% or if I always felt the need to disagree with you, then there would be no reason for me to keep reading–no *good* reason, that is.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cheap Trick sang… " I want you to want me"….?Is that the same thing? : – )Hey, JW… CEL here….Don't worry about the Rob Bell fans or the Osteen fans… who much like the Jim Jones fans…. are often "fan"atical…. when it comes to their tangible faux Messiahs… they are simply tethered to… and co-dependent upon them… to the point that if you say anything (even remotely critical)… they are ready to rumble…You made your point(s) clearly, in my opinion, and you backed them up with the "I'm in the same boat at times" disclaimer… so… not surprising that folks will read into things what they want to read into them… and become defensive… when perhaps being subjective/objective is really what is called for…I think there is just a plethora (3 Amigos) of "rockstar" pastors who are celebrity-minded… whether they want to admit it… or their following wants to admit it… and see themselves through a glass lit dimly after a point…It all begins and ends with Jesus (the gospel)… and no one and nothing in between here and eternity can hold a candle to that LIght….I've read Bell's stuff and I've seen his videos and etc… and it's okay… but it ain't all that… and it is very indirect… which in my book is wrong…I don't want to hear my Lord and Savior say "I never knew you" because I was too worried what folks might think or feel if I actually said His name to them… and spoke about sin and heaven and hell and all the good stuff in the Bible…There may be quite a few folks that Jesus "never knew" when it's all said and done…Hopefully, the above-mentioned won't be in that number… but I think they are flirting with the prime directive in the Word of God…I am the way, the truth and the light – John 14:6…Pretty simple… very clear….

  3. Aaron Telian says:

    Thanks Jared. I still like you.

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