Stuff Christians Like, #24: Church Names that Sound Like Clothing Stores

Just read this and I think it’s hilarious, because just a few hours ago my cell rang and the caller ID indicated it was an Element-related call. This is what happened:

Me: Element, this is Jared.

Female Caller: Can I speak to your buyer, please?

Me: Buyer?

Caller: Uh huh.

Me: We don’t have a buyer.

Caller: Is this not a clothing store? (Yes, that’s exactly what she said, I promise!)

Me: Nope, we’re a young adult ministry.

Caller: Oh, sorry!

Maybe she was looking for this.

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One thought on “In Fashion”

  1. Prodigal Jon says:

    thanks for mentioning my site, http://www.stuffchristianslike.netand you’re right, Challies has about a billion people that go to his site. He and I email every now and then, he’s a good dude

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