What is Morality Other Than Harm?

The common good requires some laws that limit personal freedom. This conversation between Tim Keller, Al Mohler, & Collin Hansen is very helpful.

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How The Gospel Coalition is Setting and Changing the Tone

I have been writing at this blog for nearly 6 years now. I enjoy it. I honestly can’t imagine not having an outlet like this to express ideas and work through issues.

That said, there have been multiple times where I’ve seriously considered pulling the plug and trying to ignore the Christian (particularly Reformed) blogosphere all together.

Why? The tone (perhaps better, the TONE!).

From my seat the posts that get the most attention are those that are the most controversial. This sets up something of cycle of controversy for those who are aiming to make an impact in the Christian blog world. While I believe that in some cases controversy is not only helpful but essential (see the recent Rob Bell firestorm), I don’t believe a steady diet of it is. If you are a blogger governed by the cadence of crankiness then you are probably not very happy, and neither are your readers. Regrettably, I have personally contributed to and felt the teeth of many “discerning” blog readers. With the obvious exceptions mentioned above, this type of constant scrapping and picking is exhausting and distracting; it takes our eye of the ball. Overall, it hasn’t been all that helpful.

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