I have always had this personal dream of being able to do things twice as fast as everyone else. Call it a pipe-dream of having “Spidey” senses and skills in the area of personal productivity and efficiency. Every now and then I make some progress and get excited. I usually tell some people and sometimes it serves to help them too.

Here is one of those examples that has proved helpful. Awhile back I discovered the option on my iPhone to play podcasts back in half time or double time speed. This seemed like it had potential so I tried it on my favorite podcasts while I went for a run. The results were amazing, I could listen to twice as much content in the double time speed. The pace helps to alleviate the extra filler space and various pauses that characterize podcasts. I can literally do things twice as fast as before.

As you might expect, your mind is able to catch up. After a short period of listening at double time you notice that it sounds normal. Your mind is able to keep up. I have also noticed that my running pace is a bit faster (not quite double time, but better).

One caution is the type of podcast. Sermons work well, as do conversational shows and interviews. If you are from the North and listen to any Southern preachers (or guys from say, Scotland) this is a tremendous blessing. There are other guys where this is a little more difficult because of cadence or content. It is trial and error. You’ll figure it out.

This has been great for me in my quest to be more productive and efficient with my time. Give it a shot and let me know how it goes. If you have any other tricks or tips drop me a note also.

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4 thoughts on “Are You up for Doubling Your Efficiency?”

  1. Erik…I can see how this could double the number of podcasts I listen to, but I wonder, have you found yourself able to keep up with that rate when it comes to retain and really benefiting from them? I’m reaching a point in my “advanced” age (42) where I’m leaning toward slowing down and simplifying in order to retain and really understand what I’m taking in.


    1. Erik says:

      I can understand that concern. I have found that you can train your mind to process and retain it. This may be different based upon a number of things like content, current circumstances in one’s life, or even the pace of the person is talking. Overall, I have not seen a drop off in retention. And I hope 42 is not advanced.

  2. W. Thomas says:

    This works well with Kindle as well, not so much for a run, but if you are into recumbant cycling, or if you have a decent size panel on an elliptical to set it on, it works fantastic. I split my cardio up into 2 segments, a 30 minute run and then 30 mins on either the elliptical or cycle. Set the audio on the kindle and you can listen to books at an increased speed (granted, the audio voices take some getting used to). I’ve been able to almost double the number of books I read by doing this and I have only had the Kindle for 2 months. The Kindle can also funtion as an MP3 player, so you can download podcasts as well, though there are much better mediums for this than the Kindle. I use my IPOD for running and the Kindle for books for the remainder of the workout.

  3. John T. "Jack" Jeffery says:

    Someone will suggest that we ramp up our sermon speed to “motor mouth high gear” so they can get out of church a little earlier! :-)

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