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Religious Liberty Is Not Freedom From Ridicule

By Russell Moore

We must learn to differentiate between persecution and insult, between religious liberty and freedom from more

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  • Religious Liberty Is Not Freedom from Ridicule
  • What Africa Needs More Than Food Aid or Democracy
  • There’s No Such Thing as a Spoiler

Religious Liberty Is Not Freedom from Ridicule

About a year ago, I seethed over a compliment. Someone in Washington political circles said, “It’s really amazing; you’re a real-deal born-again type, and yet you are really intelligent and thoughtful.” I rolled my eyes, because I have heard this talk before. When I showed up in Washington as an 18-year-old congressional intern, a colleague from Massachusetts said, “You’re from Mississippi and you sure read a lot; good for you!” In both cases, I simmered inside, because both compliments were really forms of ridicule. In my...


What Africa Needs More Than Food Aid or Democracy

Over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed meeting and getting to know Ken Mbugua from Nairobi, Kenya. I’m excited about how God is at work in his life and ministry, preparing him for leading the church there. In 2013, my son and I spent a little time with Ken and his team at Emanuel Baptist Church. He recently completed an internship at Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D.C. Ken is one of the primary contributors to a recent book focused on dealing with prosperity teaching in Africa. The Gospel Coalition International...


There’s No Such Thing as a Spoiler

I have a confession to make. I am a former English teacher and lifelong reader who has what many people would consider an abominable habit. I almost always read the last page of a book first. Supposedly, I’m spoiling the surprise and maybe even ruining the whole reading experience. Some would say this habit demonstrates a lack of patience; my husband would say that I just hate surprises. Both are probably true. But even though my initial motivations for forming this habit may not have been so noble, I have come to realize...


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