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The Abrahamic Covenant in Reformed Baptist Perspective

By Martin Salter

A proper understanding of the trajectory of the Abrahamic covenant necessitates more

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  • How to Practice a Gospel-Centered Spirituality
  • Burdened Preaching, Serious Gospel
  • Do Your Laundry and Engage the Issues

How to Practice a Gospel-Centered Spirituality

As you’ve surely noticed, everyone is “spiritual” today. Some years ago I came across a USA Today survey where even a majority of atheists consider themselves “spiritual” people. Come to think of it, I’ve never heard anyone say, “You know, I’m just not a spiritual person.” Perhaps for many spirituality simply means spending time occasionally in personal reflection. For others maybe it means consciously trying to live by certain principles, or attempting to be thoughtful on important issues like the environment or homelessness. However, the...


Burdened Preaching, Serious Gospel

Editors’ note: A new documentary on the life and ministry of Martyn Lloyd-Jones debuted at The Gospel Coalition 2015 National Conference: Logic on Fire: The Life and Legacy of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones from Media Gratiae. TGC continues to feature a series of articles on Lloyd-Jones. Ben Bailie appeared in the film and has studied and written extensively about the life and ministry of Lloyd-Jones.  One of the beautiful things about the film Logic on Fire is the way it juxtaposes Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s sternness in the pulpit...


Do Your Laundry and Engage the Issues

I have two of the busiest, sweetest (I’m biased), bundles of joy. Obviously, I’m leaving out the various struggles of motherhood, but we do enjoy one another. And when I say busy, I mean insane. It’s nonstop listening, talking, cuddling, breaking up fights, and cleaning up spills. They are young, so I’m still doing much of the heavy lifting. It’s easy for me to see why many women who are busy at home and at work simply don’t feel they have the capacity to...


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